Diverse Clients, Specialized Campaigns

McDonald’s [PR]
The press PR activities of McDonald's <The BTS Meal> have been successfully completed! Ha
Coca-Cola [PR Campaign]
Resource recycling campaign where used beverage PET bottles are returned ‘Coca-Cola ONETHEPL
Holly’s Coffee [PR]
The combination that caused the Generation MZ camping goods crisis! Hollys X Hahm Shout Doodle Holl
Sealy Bed [IMC Campaign]
‘Sincerely Sealy’ advertising campaign to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the founding of Sealy
Discovery Channel Korea [PR]
Discovery Channel Korea CEO interview- Conducted an interview to commemorate the 6th month of openin
Oriental Brewery (OBC) [PR]
Establishing a social contribution strategy and conducting a campaign for OBC’s social contribution
Reebok [PR]
Conducted the Reebok 'Interval' sneaker launching campaign, with a flight performance using a large
Bae & Brewing Co. [PR]
Strengthening Bae & Brewing Co.’s position as a leading Korean liquor culture company through strate
Genuone Sciences [PR]
Strategic planning for internal and external communication for the successful launch of Genuone Scie
Re:think [PR]
Publicity activities to promote and amplify brand awareness of the stock shopping mall, Re:think Cr
Almond Breeze [DPR]
Operation of all Almond Breeze owned social media channels to promote and amplify the brand message,
Sangha Farm [DPR]
Content planning/production to introduce various products and promote the authenticity of the Sangha
Holly’s Coffee [DPR]
Digital channel operation in connection with the brand concept - Content creation using various vide
Sangha Farm [DPR]
Development of various content such as card news, videos, real-time videos, and YouTube viral films
Discovery Channel Korea [DPR]
Digital publicity for the promotion and issue-making of the original and supplied programs of the Di
Gong cha Korea [DPR]
Operation of digital channels in connection with the brand concept using various video techniques su
CJ Cultural Foundation [DPR]
Promotion of the “Cultural Dream Keeper of Young Creators” of the CJ Cultural FoundationMaximization
Mercedes Benz Van [DPR]
Conduction of digital promotion and publicity of the Mercedes-Benz van, which leads the domestic van
Global digital promotion of DORCO, a shaving razor specialized companyCreation and operation of DORC
Royal & Co. [DPR]
Digital promotion of Royal & Co., a bathroom specialty brand leading the healthy bathroom culturePro


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