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IKEA’s first urban farm in the world, IKEA Gwangmyeong’s ‘FARMARE’
An interview with the manager of IKEA Gwangmyeong’s ‘FARMARE,’ the first urban far
Coco-Cola Zero MARSHMELLO offline experience zone
The second limited-edition of Coca-Cola Creations Operation of the Coca-Cola Zero MARSHMELLO offline
Coca-Cola holds media event for the original FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour
The original FIFA World Cup™ Trophy was shown to Korean football fans on the 24th! On the 24t
Himmune conducts experience group campaign with brand ambassador Ahn Yewon
Hahm Shout Doodle is conducting a continuous experience campaign with Himmune, the leader in premiu
McDonald’s Korea's ‘Taste of Korea’ project successfully completed!
Hahm Shout Doodle and McDonald’s Korea introduce the ‘Boseong Green Tea Pork Burger&rsqu
Launch of ‘SELECTIV’, the first integrated hotel membership in Korea
Hahm Shout Doodle conducted the PR launch for ‘SELECTIV,’ the first integrated hotel mem
PR for Discovery Channel Korea crime quiz show ‘Profiler’
Discovery Channel Korea crime quiz show 'Profiler' on-site photos released! Delivering a liv
Hahm Shout Doodle joins the launch campaign for the powerful anti-fatigue vitamin, ‘Benfobell S Tab’ by Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp.
Be the secret agent of Chong Kun Dang Benfobell and escape from fatigue with Benfobell S Tab! Hahm
The ‘Cass White’ launch pop-up showcase project was successfully completed
Hahm Shout Doodle successfully carried out the launch project for OB Beer Cass’s first wheat b
OBC Hanmac, “Hanmac for Korean food” promotion PR
Hanmac goes well with Korean food! Hahm Shout Doodle successfully carried out the PR campaign &ldqu
Coca-Cola Seagram PR
Powerful Leejung and electrifying Seagram combine to form an intense explosion! The Coca-Cola Compa
‘Coca-Cola Scholarship Award Ceremony’ to support the dreams and hopes of the youth
Coca-Cola supports the youth who have infinite potential and dreams! Coca-Cola Korea held the &lsq
Ildong Foodis Himmune and Jang Minho, commemorative event for new campaign launch
Hahm Shout Doodle has conducted a digital campaign to commemorate a new TVC launch from Himmune, the
Sealy Korea- Seongsu Pop-up Store Promotion
Hahm Shout Doodle conducted digital promotion activities for Sealy Korea’s pop-up store in Seo
PR for eco-friendly outdoor brand, ‘ZEROGRAM’
Hahm Shout Doodle facilitated a media interview with Lee Jong-hoon, CEO of ‘ZEROGRAM’, a
McDonald’s Korea – PR for the return of the Double Big Mac and Big Mac BLT, upgraded with taste and quality
Hahm Shout Doodle introduced McDonald's Korea's return of the 'Double Big Mac' and &
Coca-Cola operates the 'Coca-Cola Zero Stardust' pop-up experience zone at Peaches
Coca-Cola from outer space landed in Seongsu-dong! After Coca-Cola launched 'Coca-Cola Zero Dus
Sealy Bed - Luxury high-end collection <Haynes> Press Conference conducted
Sealy Bed conducts a press conference for Haynes, a luxury high-end collection Everything about bed
Chong Kun Dang Health Foods Pro-Mega conducts a contactless live supporters launch ceremony
Omega 3 brand Pro-Mega, online supporters launch ceremony A Chong Gun Dang health Foods Pro-Mega su
Influencer promotions for Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell
Experience the originality of Pilsner Urquell, celebrating its 180th anniversary this year! This y


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