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Sealy Bed – Advertising that fully ‘controls the mind’

The ad released by Sealy Bed on the 21st of last month.

The advertisement starts with a message from Sealy with a 'ding-dong' notification sound and an envelope-shaped icon.

It shows people spending a comfortable and happy time in bed through warm colors.

The slogan, “Sealy supports you at every moment”, brings out the product features

Also, the brand name ‘Sealy’ has a similar pronunciation to the word ‘sincerely’, further promoting the brand’s authenticity.

AP advertising critics gave a high score of 4.5 in the artistic acoustic section, saying that the music used as the BGM adds a lively atmosphere to the advertisement.

In fact, there are numerous comments on Sealy Bed’s YouTube channel requesting the title of the background music.

4 points were also given for appropriateness and artistic visuals, respectively, in terms of advertisement effectiveness.

An advertisement that makes good use of a bed

Critics praised the advertisement for effectively delivering its message through a warm atmosphere without going over the top.

Beds are not easy to remember because they have a strong brand image of big companies such as Ace and Simmons. Nevertheless, it is a typical advertisement that shows sufficient consideration in what situations and how consumers use their beds without going over the top.
- Critic San Hong

It is a full-fledged ‘memory manipulation’ ad covering all the warm memories one can have on one’s bed. The advertisement makes me reminisce as if I've been through this. It is an advertisement that makes you realize how important the artistry of advertising is.
- Critic Dong Hee Kim

The copy is impressive. 

One of the most noticeable things in this ad is the copy that comes out every time the scene changes.

The copy made it seem that Sealy Bed was talking to the viewer, such as "Something pleasant has happened" and "I knew it would work."

It is an attractive advertisement without any famous models or fancy effects. Although there are contrived and far-fetched settings from time to time, the overall advertisement is not too extreme and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Also, the most noticeable aspect of the advertisement is the copy and the way it is expressed. From the moment the mail alarm appears at the introduction to the emotion of the copy, the development process is smooth. It's a decisively stunning advertisement.
- Critic Min Chul Kwak

The copy of ‘Every Moment’ is impressive. It’s ordinary storytelling that can be done by other bed brands, but the message ‘sincerely’ in the ending adds more sincerity.
- Ji Eun Kang

However, critic Kang Ji Eun Kang added, “The visual effects of the copy are not good. The font and copy effects feel childish. The visual effects used in the copy are not sophisticated.”

Critic San Hong also expressed regret over the copy effects, saying, “The visual effects of the lower left copy make it less readable.”

Brand name needs to be highlighted 

Some critics said that the brand name should have been emphasized more as brand names command the bed market.

It is a typical advertisement that approaches viewers through product functions and emotion. It would have been better if the brand power of ‘Sealy’ was emphasized more. The advertisement itself was good because it has a warm atmosphere and is comfortable to watch, but it felt like it lacked emphasis on the brand.
- Critic Eun Sun Lee

Critic Ji Eun Kang also questioned the use of foreign models, saying, “I have do not understand the purpose of using only foreign models.”

▷ Advertiser: Sealy Korea
▷ Agency: Hahm Shout Doodle
▷ Production: ARTE
▷ BGM: Spring Passenger
▷ Assistant Director: Hong Jung Bae
▷ Filming Director: Chi Hyung Lim
▷ Makeup/Hair: Yoon Kyung Cha

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