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GJ Interview: Want self-club fitting? Then Remofit is the answer!

CEO Kara Hahm explains Remofit’s project for perfect golf club fitting (Source: Golf Journal)

Remfit, a golf big data innovation company, developed a system and algorithm that recommends the best club for golfers through machine learning of golf swing big data, and for the first time in Korea has introduced an app where anyone can easily find the optimal club on an individual basis.

Beyond the popularization of the sport led by screen golf, the Korean golf market is evolving into a data-based industry through development of golf analysis technology, generalization of data-based golf lessons, and sales of advanced swing analyzers.
While many golfers are concerned about finding a golf club that perfectly fits their body and swing, Remofit has launched a personalized golf club fitting app based on golf swing big data.
Remofit not only implements services that allows all golfers to conveniently obtain swing analysis, club fitting, and ball fitting information through a mobile app, but also provides services which allow offline performance centers to conduct club fitting.
CEO Kara Hahm stated, “Remofit is a solution that recommends clubs optimized for individuals by combining big data technology with the club fitting market, which remains at the level of club assembly, in line with the rapidly changing golf industry trend based on data. The plan is to create a blue ocean.” In particular, the goal is to dramatically improve distance and directionality, which are the biggest concerns of golfers, through Remofit’s microfit solution (algorithm developed by Remofit) so that regular golfers can happily and efficiently enjoy golf.

The Remofit app is currently available for free download on Google Play Store, and can also be found on the remote fit website. The iOS version is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.


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