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McDonald’s Korea launches the ’88 Seoul Beef Burger,’ which invokes the nostalgia of those old days

Hahm Shout Doodle has partnered with McDonald’s Korea to introduce the new menu item, the ’88 Seoul Beef Burger,’ which carries the flavors of 1988, and conduct various activities to effectively promote it.

A screenshot from a McDonald's Korea commercial with a 1988 setting.

The ’88 Seoul Beef Burger’ is a limited-menu item presented together by McDonald’s and Netflix for the movie ‘Seoul Vibe.’ This is the first time in Korea that Netflix launched an official collaboration for a menu item. The new burger is characterized by croquette buns and an ‘egg cabbage salad’ reminiscent of the ‘salad bread’ childhood snack of back then.

In celebration of this launch, McDonald’s is trying to provide unique experiences that invoke the emotions and nostalgia of 1988.

Posters with an 80s concept were put up inside stores nationwide, paper cups and packaging were changed to be similar to the McDonald’s design in 1988, and the exteriors of the Seoul Cheongdam DT store and Busan Dalmaji store were decorated with a special concept centering around the 88 Seoul Beef Burger.

Actors from the Netflix movie Seoul Vibe promote the new 88 Seoul Beef Burger from McDonald's Korea.

Hahm Shout Doodle held a media photo event with actors Lee Kyu-hung and Ong Seong-wu from ‘Seoul Vibe’ and McDonald’s TVC models to promote the ’88 Seoul Beef Burger.’ In addition, various PR activities such as feature articles and content for new media outlets were carried out to attract consumer interest in the product.

An advertisement for the official set for the 88 Seoul Beef Burger from McDonald's Korea.


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