GO: A Global PR service

A global press release distribution solution

Our Global Network

· Hahm Partners is expanding its strategic alliance to provide PR & marketing on a global scale.

· In particular, by securing a strategic network with 12 countries in APAC, we are providing inbound/outbound PR services for client companies
that want to carry out PR campaigns in Korea and overseas.

16 PR Alliance partners strategically located worldwide

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, India, USA, UK, France, Germany

Our Approach

· Hahm Partners provides successful campaigns by establishing strategies based on market analysis data, creative production, media mix, final monitoring and insight analysis.

Our Scope of Service

· Hahm Partners provides various full-fledged marketing tools to execute strategic PR campaigns, based on the client’s needs.

Corporate/Brand Consulting 

· Business Strategy
· Corporate Identity/Brand Identity
· Market Analysis

Research & Analysis

· Big Data Analysis
· Consumer Research

Media PR 

·Media PR
· Crisis Management
· Press Conference

Digital Marketing 

· Online Environment Analysis
· Establishment of Digital Strategies
· Content Planning/Development
· Content Amplification

Crisis Management 

· Crisis Management Consulting
· Crisis Management Manual
· Media Training
· Crisis Management Program

Digital Marketing 

· OEvent Planning/Operations
· Sales Promotions
· Exhibitions
· Other

Global One Process

· We analyze and predict the current and future global PR trends through the insightful analysis of journalist data, media data and user data, focusing on trends by period.

1) Worldwide
2) By continent / by country

1) Select service type & quantity

1) Duration of service
2) Scope of services
3) Budget confirmation

1) Establish strategy by country
2) Establish execution plan by country

1) Excute work according to plan
2) Seamless communication is required
3) Target relevant journalists

1) Monthly reports
2) Project commencement
3) Draw insights

Global One

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